A business-oriented system


an operations management platform

With 2EASY.platform you can arrange all workflows, starting from your business goals.


Its software can be integrated with all ERP systems and the various department - and shop floor-specific systems in the company (lines, machines, CNC machining centres, equipment), it’s flexible and has an easy-to-use modular structure, making it an all-inclusive solution for your company.

Enable data sharing, turning it into information to share with various players in the right way, in the right place, at the right time.

Monitor your company’s logistics and manufacturing and make better-informed decisions


Manufacturing Execution System

Manage and organise manufacturing execution by collecting real-time data and information from the shop floor.


Warehouse Management System

Manage your shop floor’s inbound and outbound logistics, optimising warehouse operations with an advanced Mission Control approach.


Maintenance Management System

Manage maintenance processes in a simple, integrated way, while planning and monitoring maintenance and reducing downtimes.


Machine To Machine

Integrate your data from IT systems (machines or special automation) in real time with standard protocols or custom integrations.


Flexible Planning System

Plan your manufacturing resources in real time using custom finite-capacity algorithms that enable fast what-if analyses in an innovative, collaborative, and visual way.


Tool Integration System

Integrate specific tools (like nutrunners) with the MOM module using standard protocols (for instance, OpenProtocol).


Workforce Management System

Support human resources and work teams management, digitising planning, and enabling operator training (skills management).

2EASY.platform’s main benefits

  • Comprehensive

    It addresses manufacturing and logistic challenges—dispatching production planning, workforce management, manufacturing resource management, quality control, product tracking, warehouse management, etc.

  • Flexible

    With a modular structure that’s easy to integrate, 2EASY MES is a dynamic, flexible solution that can be adjusted to specific business needs.

  • Real time

    Offering native integration with any ERP software and a built-in data structure, it can check how scheduled tasks are performing in real time and it enables changes to planning, whenever needed.

From data to information

Collect data and turn it into information that’s relevant to your business.

This allows you to better handle manufacturing and logistics management and monitoring challenges in your company.

Mes integration

Integration of 2EASY.MES with Wi-Fi Nexo nutrunners from Bosch-Rexroth

2EASY.MES can be integrated with Wi-Fi Nexo nutrunners from Bosch-Rexroth, which deliver highly reliable tightening and multiple uses. The Wi-Fi systems deliver excellent use and a highly reliable tightening process. With the feature, users can view the data from the tightening systems within a 2EASY.MES dedicated dashboard.

  • At the top, historical tightening data (the yellow bars show the final tightening torque and the green ones show the final tightening angle);
  • On the bottom left, the graph shows the latest torque/angle tightening (nominal values are in blue, min. and max. permissible values are in red and green, respectively);
  • On the bottom right, cockpits with percentage and absolute data relevant to the latest tightening process.
  • Mes dashboard

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