Digitise your manufacturing system

Maximise scalability and flexibility in your manufacturing operations

Manufacturing Operation Management

We help companies digitise their manufacturing processes by implementing operations management technologies that improve manufacturing performance and increase efficiency, flexibility, and speed to market.

Our projects are studied specifically for each company—this helps identify the best system for sharing data and improving performance.

Today’s challenges require agility and responsiveness. Integrating manufacturing and logistic processes can help you transform data into valuable information, eliminate waste and improve your business performance.

Monitor your company’s manufacturing and logistic activities, identify value-added activities, map waste and make better-informed decisions using our operations management platform.

Implemented systems:


Manufacturing Execution System

Organise, monitor, and manage manufacturing activities in real time.

Track every work component, production data history, and optimise processes.

Warehouse Management System

Manage goods in an integrated way, from the moment they enter, are received, stocked, picked, and shipped.

Analyse picking performance, inventory rotation, and stock management, and increase your business efficiency.



Flexible Planning System

Plan and schedule manufacturing processed in an advanced way, following customised criteria.

Manage production planning and scheduling processes simply, setting up the production model that best suits you.

Maintenance Management System

Manage maintenance processes in a simple, integrated way.

Plan and monitor maintenance work, increasing efficiency and reducing downtimes.



Workforce Management System

Increase productivity with coordinated efficient management of your workforce.

Securely schedule your operator tasks and encourage their training.

Machine to Machine Integration

Connect your machines and manage their relevant data in an integrated way.

Create two-way communication between the various systems and monitor data in real time.



Tools Integration System

Integrate those business tools that are not true CNC machining centres, but are equipped with electronic parts.

Sync data and transfer information among different systems and technologies in an advanced way.


What does your business need?

  • organisation and support in manufacturing activities

  • increased efficiency

  • cost reduction

  • optimised asset utilisation

  • performance monitoring and analysis

  • inventory management

  • effective and secure workforce management

  • advanced integration of machines, technology, and tools

Our technology platform for manufacturing operations management


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