Enhance the customer experience

Zendesk: the easy-to-use omnichannel customer service software


Organising a support team and providing support through multiple platforms (email, telephone, web forms, social messaging, etc.) isn’t simple. Our internal complex procedures can’t affect our customers.

Zendesk helps streamline customer service and make conversations with your customers smooth. Monitor and increase the performance of your support team and provide your customers with a quality service.

Zendesk isn’t a single service, but a comprehensive solution suite for your internal teams. Every product offers a different path, but flexible and customisable to your business type.

Services can be activated immediately so that you can solve support requests after a few minutes. And your solution can be scaled as your business grows.

Main solutions


A single platform to interact with your customers. Monitor, assign and solve all open tickets, define minimum service levels and automate your internal processes.


The ideal platform where to manage self-service support. Its knowledge base both helps customers looking for more product information and empowers them to help themselves.


Helping customers faster—making them happier. Chat enables immediate connection both via web and the most common messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


Cloud-based integrated phone support in Zendesk Support. Talk lets you interact fast via telephone, record calls, and manage the history of the entire conversation with your customer.


Sales teams can enjoy a simple, comprehensive sales-based system, also available as a mobile app. Help you people manage leads and follow them along the sales pipeline through a deal closing.


Analysing and monitoring your customer experience has never been so easy. Check your support team performance, if minimum service levels are met, and identify what still needs improvement.


The forum helps customers express themselves—it’s them who use your company’s products every day. A forum software gives room for customers to exchange knowledge.


Reminders and notifications need correct management. Connect helps you transmit information to customers always in the right place, at the right time, and also to anticipate a question or a ticket.

Zendesk’s main benefits

  • Omnicanale

    All customer’s communications are stored on one page. The agent can find messages sent via email, chat, or event social messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter, in the same open ticket. The answer will be sent to the customer via the same channel they chose, making the conversation smooth.

  • Ready to use

    Once activated, Zendesk’s platform becomes fully functional for your support team in just a few clicks. With no programming needed, your team can easily adjust their support environment to the use case and set up the access channels in less than a day.

  • Cloud-based solution

    With the cloud-based software, your team can access Zendesk from any web browser or smartphone from the relevant Android or iOS apps.

  • Easy integration

    Integrating all company information into a single platform will be a no-brainer. The Zendesk Marketplace includes 1000+ apps. They connect the most popular company services (Slack, TeamViewer, MailChimp, Dropbox, etc.), increasing your agents’ productivity and providing them with all the valuable information for solving tickets.

    Can’t find your favourite app in the Marketplace? No worries. Zendesk Sunshine makes it easy to connect any data, no matter what platform it is in. With Sunshine, developers can create modern applications so that you can unify all your information.


Respond appropriately to any problem your customer may have had.

Work efficiently in your internal support teams and involve the right people in the conversation, delivering an expert response and prompt resolution.

Teamwork also increases internal productivity and expertise, and internal technical knowledge.

Internal support service

Your employees are customers too

With Zendesk, you can implement a similar customer service for your employees. Increase the internal offer for your employees and boost your support departments’ performance.

Help your IT and HR departments circulate internal information, and increase their productivity. Create an internal support hub where your employees can find the answers to any common problem. Manage corporate hardware and software as an internal asset and solve the problem associated with it.

Deliver the best experience

With Zendesk, you can offer custom experiences, support agent productivity, and connect every aspect of your business with flexibility and speed.

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