Life In KValue

Committed every day to promoting personal well-being

At KValue, we encourage the physical and mental well-being of our people by promoting work-life balance, remote work, and an inclusive culture.

Our dynamic, innovative work environment enables our people to realise their potential, integrating their working and personal lives.

Everyone in the organisation is open to dialogue and collaboration, which creates a calm and informal work atmosphere.

Respecting the daily needs of people’s lives, having positive, deep relationships among employees as well as involving them in activities are all key to working effectively and productively, but also quietly and enjoyably

Find your balance

Work-life balance

Developing flexibility at workhelps our resources find the right work-life balance.

Whether it is for family, personal, health needs or to do sport or other activities, at KValue we give our people the chance to choose their work schedule and mode they prefer.

Our employees' engagement in our business activities and decision-making is very important. This is why we encourage them to feel part of the organisation with multiple meetings and networking moments.

Their participation leads them to work happily and be enthusiastic about every project.

Get passionate about your job

The higher the engagement, the higher the value

Listening to our people

52 HR meetings in 2021

At KValue, we schedule one-on-one meetings with each resource—we receive their feedback on our activities, we listen to new suggestions, and enable everyone to voice their ideas.

Those one-to-one meetings are valuable to both our people and our business, as they help enhance our resources and multiply team productivity.