Collect. Analyse. Share.

Power BI:

The Business Intelligence software for data analysis


Power BI is the business analysis solution enabling you to connect to hundreds of data sources, create interactive dashboards and share insights.

Connect to and visualise any data using the unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI) that’s easy and safe to use.

Enable everyone at every level of your organization to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics.

Visualise your data strategically

Create a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all


Connect miscellaneous data sources and different technologies.


Shape the data with queries that build insightful, compelling data models.


Use the data models to create interactive visualisations and reports.


Use the data to run real-time analyses.


Publish reports and dashboards, share information, and work together with your team.

Power BI’s main benefits

  • Unified

    Meet both your self-service and enterprise data analytics needs on a single platform. Access powerful semantic models, an application lifecycle management (ALM) toolkit, an open connectivity framework, and fixed-layout, pixel-perfect paginated reports.

  • Real-time

    From factory sensors to social media sources, get access to real-time analytics so you’re always ready to make timely decisions.

  • Secure

    Rely on a trusted industry leader for security and data encryption from the tenant level down. Reduce the risk of network intrusions using strong permission controls and network isolation with Virtual Network support.

  • Easy

    Take advantage of the latest advances in Microsoft AI to help non-data scientists prepare data, build machine learning models, and find insights quickly from both structured and unstructured data, including text and images.

  • Customisable

    Create dashboards and reports using a drag-and-drop canvas and hundreds of modern data visuals from Microsoft and partners — or create your own, using the Power BI open source custom visuals framework.

Rely on one of the largest and fastest-growing business intelligence clouds.

Put BI in everyone’s hands—economically, and encourage innovation and digital transformation in your company.

Turn uncorrelated data sources into a set of consistent, visually stunning, and interactive information. Find out what really matters and share it with all users, or those necessary.

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