Value beyond savings. One suite, endless possibilities.


The Procurement platform


One platform for all of your sourcing and procurement software needs through a source-to-pay process, which enables efficient management of all spend and supplier relationships.

With Ivalua's complete, modular and unified suite you can:

  • Quickly address top business needs
  • Bring all spend under management
  • Digitise all processes
  • Improve data quality
  • Make better-informed decisions
  • Project Scope

    Deliver value beyond savings

    You decide where to start, where to go, and what to look at

    Gestione fornitori

    Supplier management

    Suppliers are as important as complicated. They contribute to achieving goals. Ivalua enables close operation with suppliers and finds a way to efficiently manage a wide range of information and activities.



    Sourcing is the pinnacle of the strategic value of the purchasing process, as long as it’s not hampered by excessive documentation. With Ivalua, you rely on quick necessary information to manage complex projects and supplier interactions.

    Gestione contratti

    Contract management

    A contract is fundamental, it’s the repository of all vital information and it’s essential to all parties. With Ivalua’s contract lifecycle management, you can manage all contract processes securely and in a single place —from negotiation to signature to renewal.



    Make buying easier for everyone. Ivalua’s e-Procurement software empowers your employees and suppliers. Simplify the buying experience, maximise compliance and manage all spend.



    One invoicing hub for everyone. Ivalua’s Invoice-to-Pay journey transforms invoice automation, redefines the accounts payable journey, removes the traditional barriers to touchless invoice processing, and maps contracts and purchase orders clearly.



    Maximise the buying power of procurement and become the customer of choice. Ivalua’s system streamlines domestic and cross-border payments to deliver operational transparency with real-time updates that rebuilds supplier trust and reduces inquiries.


    Spend analysis

    Determine the best strategies with a thorough analysis. Ivalua provides results, reports, and clear, exhaustive analyses in one place for every procurement process, delivering quick and easy access to information and examination.

    Ivalua’s main benefits:

    • Maximising value

      Flex all value levers, such as savings, adoption, control, efficiency, simplification, lower risk, agility, and innovation.

    • Single organic application

      Broadening the impact: End-to-end source-to-pay, supplier information, risk and performance, spend analytics, early payments.

    • Comprehensive coverage

      Manage organisation-wide spend: direct, services, project-spend, assets, expense and indirect.

    One end-to-end suite

    Ivalua is an end-to-end modular suite for purchases built on a single code base. This results in better performance, streamlined distribution, stability, and high flexibility across the different functions and roles.


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