Smart, integrated, shared.


B2B collaboration platform

Connect people, systems, and data. Break down silos and enable an information flow that makes collaboration more effective inside and outside your company by involving all supply chain players.


The BQUADRO suite is studied, designed, and made for B2B. It adjusts to company-specific requirements, needs, and business characteristics while providing easy, rapid, and powerful support.

Manage your supply chain in an integrated way

Supply Chain

Streamline, integrate, and automate your processes



Adopt a data-driven approach in your marketing campaigns. Gain a better understanding of your customers, anticipate their needs, deliver them a tailored customer experience, design a stable lead generation strategy, set onboarding strategies for new platform users, and maintain relationships.



Sell your products online and provide an excellent customer experience. Manage catalogues with many references, complex customised products, availability, sales networks, and provide a service exceeding expectations, thus improving your company’s reputation.

After sales

After sales

Optimise your customer relationships. Manage RMA requests, spare parts, warranty, documentation, and all after-sales activities enabling your customers to make the best use of your products and increase their value.



Digitise and automate your order fulfilment process and streamline your human resources tasks. Manage warehouse orders, dispatches, job numbers, procurement activities, planning, and scheduling in a simple, effective way.

Digital office

Digital office

Adopt one shared approach for your Project Management, office management, invoicing, and continuous improvement. Manage your main administration/back-office activities and be on top of each project scope, budget, and schedule.

BQUADRO’s main benefits

  • Integration

    Can be integrated with any management software, streamlines process management, optimises work organisation and human resources. Promotes data circularity, making it available in real time. Reduces low-value tasks and waste, and cancels data entry costs.

  • User Experience

    Its architecture brings B2C usability and experience standards into the B2B environment. It’s easy and fast to use on every desktop and mobile device, helping to enhance your company’s reputation significantly.

  • Customisation

    User interfaces can be configured for specific users and roles. Access levels can be customised through granular permissions. Business criteria can be adjusted to company requirements and specifications, while the layout is fully customisable to comply with the identity and brand.

  • Analytics

    Customer’s needs can be automatically tracked, analysed, and anticipated, for instance by learning the relationships between complementary or substitute products. You can profile users and sales, and understand purchasing patterns to deliver custom buying experiences.

  • B2B2C

    Originally developed as multi-tenancy software, it enables data sharing among the various trade chain players. Representatives have custom price lists, manufacturers have real-time visibility into demand, and resellers offer a better service to their customers. This results in order management savings for everyone.

  • Easy management

    Modular software which can be set up to meet your company’s needs by installing only the necessary features. The continuous delivery strategy allows for easy management as well as streamlined update and maintenance procedures.

A platform for managing B2B supply chain collaboration

Streamline process and eliminate low-added value tasks. Start the digital transformation in your company and adopt a solution tailored to your business.

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