Plan. Simulate. Analyse.


The Decision-Making platform


Board helps companies have total visibility into performance in a simple, effective way.

Information coming from multiple sources is incorporated into a virtual data repository shared with all business departments. This gives users a customised and unified view.

business intelligence

Business Intelligence

View your data, run effective analyses, build interactive dashboards, and create accurate reports within a single platform.

performance management

Performance Management

Link the insights provided by Business Intelligence to the planning and control cycles of the enterprise.

advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

Automate predictive model creation and enhance decision-making with data-driven information.

Analysing, simulating, planning, and forecasting, all in a single platform

Unify analysis, reporting, simulation, planning, and forecasting; drive the digital transformation of your finance team by promoting the continuous improvement of decision-making.

all in one

A single platform for all your business needs


HBMP in-memory technology, toolkit, Data-Fast track, dynamic data model: every BOARD component is designed for maximum development speed with high performance.


A self-service data discovery environment enabling users to search for information easily, interact with data intuitively, and perform in-depth analyses with maximum simplicity..

User self-sufficiency

The programming-free approach empowers business users to rapidly develop and maintain sophisticated analytical and planning applications with minimal IT support.


BOARD is the only software platform that seamlessly unifies Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Analytics, and Data Discovery in a single product.


BOARD’s toolkit approach drives unparalleled agility to build, customise and maintain applications, with an incomparable Total Cost of Ownership.

All in One

Board is the only product on the market to offer a unified architecture for Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Performance Management.

Data Discovery

Create compelling visual analyses and analytical applications in a matter of seconds. An innovative user environment that combines self-service data preparation, search-based data discovery, personal mash-ups, and drag-and-drop functionality gives you access to the right information easier, faster, and more effectively, without compromising enterprise data governance.


Board integrates strategic, financial, and operational planning, enabling full control of performance across the organisation. Board’s multidimensional planning environment is based on a single shared data repository and offers data validation, enterprise-class security, audit trail, and versioning capabilities.


Board provides the capability to easily and quickly create simulation models that exactly reflect your business challenges, arming you with the analytical intelligence to evaluate the potential impact of your decisions before they are made. Board’s cutting-edge technology overcomes all the shortcomings of traditional solutions, making any simulation process fast, agile, and easy to implement through comprehensive modelling and simulation tools.


Board combines an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, a set of charts, and cutting-edge MS Office® integration with advanced alerting and broadcasting functions, making it easy to create and distribute any kind of report. When information is distributed, the self-service environment enables users to customise any report to their needs through a verified, consistent, shared information source.


Board translates company strategy into scorecards and maps, effectively communicating objectives and monitoring their execution. The unified environment for Performance Management and Business Intelligence allows users to immediately analyse any trend highlighted by a scorecard and explore the events and dynamics affecting the various KPIs, down to the lowest level of detail.

Predictive Analytics

Board BEAM offers a revolutionary solution to effectively incorporate all the power of predictive analytics into daily business operations and the decision-making process, making it easier than ever for anyone to quickly gain powerful business insights and take action based on data analysis and performance indicators monitoring.


Easily summarise your business performance with effective data visualisations, delivering a personal and immediate understanding of what is going on. Combine data from any source to effectively display and monitor the status of metrics and key performance indicators across the enterprise. All without writing a single line of code.

Office Integration

Easily access Board’s multidimensional data models directly from your Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word applications. Run drill-down, drill-anywhere, slice and dice, and ad-hoc queries directly from Excel spreadsheets or use Board tables, charts, and gauges to create dynamic, self-updating Word documents and PowerPoint slides.

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