Enhance your customer relationships

Manage your post-sales activities in a simple, integrated way

Service & Post Sales

Optimal post-sales activities management is essential to consolidate your business customer relationships.

Maintaining customer relationships and providing effective support after purchasing a certain product and/or service drive customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

At KValue we help companies implement technologies for customer service as well as maintenance, spare parts inventory, and warranty management.

Manage your post-sales activities in an automated, integrated way.

Provide a quality support service.

Retain existing customers, and attract new ones.

Custom multi-channel post-sales support

Provide a custom support service anywhere, so that your customer can always reach out to you. Conversations remain linked, whatever channel your customers choose (messaging, live chat, social media, email, telephone)

Help your customers install, maintain, and manage the products they purchased.

The services we implement:



Monitor and manage your support requests reliably and fast.

Build an integrated ticketing system that engages customers through email and social media, and easily converts messages into tickets.


Give your customers complete, modern, automated conversational experiences on your website, mobile app, or conventional messaging channels.

Resolve your customers’ problems in real time by implementing instant messaging systems through live chat.


Smart chatbots

Smart chatbots

Eliminate waiting times, support more customers, and provide a 24/7 service using artificial intelligence.

AI and machine learning technologies can help you give consistent support to your customers in real time.

RMA Management

Streamline return requests and management by eliminating paperwork and providing status monitoring.

Gestione RMA

Maintenance and warranty management

Maintenance and warranty management

Effectively manage individual serial numbers, including warranty renewals, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Increase your customer satisfaction and drive purchasing value with effective, simple, automated, and integrated post-sales activities management.

Our technology partners for service and after-sales

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