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We help businesses implement e-Procurement systems and manage purchasing processes in a more strategic, flexible, and efficient way.

We help them reduce operating costs and time, improve their internal processes, and train their procurement staff to generate savings quicker.

What’s e-Procurement?

With e-Procurement, companies can purchase raw materials, goods, and services from their suppliers through IT systems and the Internet, digitising their purchasing, supplier management, tender management processes, and much more.

Digitise your goods procurement

Reduce waste, increase your operations efficiency and your collaboration flexibility

Digitising your purchasing management processes helps you:

  • optimise and dramatically cut your procurement costs and time;
  • increase your activities transparency and efficiency;
  • improve collaboration both inside and outside your company.
  • Transparent, integrated, agile Procurement processes

    Manage all your procurement operations from a single platform

    Generate value quickly by managing all of your spend and suppliers from one single platform.

    Project Scope

    Supplier management

    Supplier management

    Organise and manage your supplier selection and relationships systematically and efficiently, while creating strategic partnerships.

    The organisational effort required to create and maintain profitable relationships with suppliers is often underestimated.Companies can increase their performance with a better Supplier Relationship Management solution.


    Choose the sourcing models that meet your strategic needs.

    Orders to suppliers are just the last step in a complex process that includes the selection and assessment of the best available procurement solution.

    Define your business requirements clearly, organise tendering consistently, and use measurable approaches to assess proposals and track the resulting achievements.


    Contract management

    Contract management

    Simplify and automate contract lifecycle management.

    A contract is the only document that formalises a relationship between a buyer and a supplier. Therefore it can’t be overlooked.

    Manage authoring, negotiation, and amendments of contracts with your suppliers easily and intuitively.


    Focus on strategic activities — standardise and automate a procure-to-pay process.

    A company’s internal demand needs to be met within the required time and specifications while aiming at cost control and reduction.

    Consolidate your purchasing requirements, monitor orders, and manage price updates and the validity of supplier price lists.




    Automate complete invoice-to-pay process management.

    With touchless smart matching, you can approve invoices with one click.

    Minimise supplier inquiries processing relating to payment and record payments in a simple, fast, and efficient way.


    Streamline national and international payments.

    Make relationships with your suppliers more trustworthy by giving operating transparency and real-time updates.

    Reduce supplier inquiries, errors, and fraud; minimise information management costs.


    Spend Analysis

    Spend Analysis

    Keep your data continuously updated.

    Maintaining control over expenditure requires current and well-organised process information.

    Quickly and easily generate specialised analyses and customised reports to make better decisions.


    What does your business need?

    • Process Digitisation

    • Collaboration

    • Cost Reduction

    • Direct Procurement

    • KPI Management

    • Supplier Risk Management

    • Invoice Processing Automation

    • Sustainable Procurement

    • Multi-ERP Integration

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