Life In KValue

We enhance our assets through training activities

Training is a key element to enhance professional and personal skills and it also brings innovation and efficiency to businesses.

Learning activities are for all professionals and help them increase their potential on their subject matter as well as on topics complementary to their own. They also develop soft skills related to managing work, dealing with co-workers, and solving problems.

We support our professionals along their growth journey at KValue providing them with classroom training, workshops, certifications, e-learning, and on-the-job training.

We leave our young talents space and time to follow vocational training while working.

5% of our yearly turnover goes to training —not only does this improve our talents’ performance, but also their working life.


16 certifications over techs

Our certifications are a true testament to the skills, professionalism, and reliability of our people

The standards we have achieved represent the value of our activities and help us stand out from other organisations.

At KValue, contributing experiences and skills is an added value.

We promote a culture based on shared skills and involving every resource. This both boosts our employees’ productivity and inspires our management.

Knowledge base

Sharing skills